Tight Trapezius muscle?

trapsYou might not know exactly where it is, but you most likely have experienced pain and strain in your Trapezius muscle.  Maybe you just started working out. Maybe you swim or play tennis. Perhaps you are carrying heavy objects or been sit in one position for a long period of time. Maybe you’re just stressed. All these activities can cause your traps to tighten.

The Trapezius has three areas: upper, middle and lower. The muscle stretches from the top of your neck, out to your shoulders and a little more than half way down the center of your back.

This huge muscle performs many different functions, including moving shoulder blades in toward the spine, rotating and moving shoulder blades up and down, bringing the head and neck backward, and rotating and side bending the neck.  It also assists in breathing, opening up the small amount of breathing room in the upper chest area.

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