Wellness Check Up

It’s good to stop and take a look at yourself now and then. In addition to the good things in life, we all get a few challenges. Sometimes you get injured. Sometimes you become ill. Sometimes your work, your family and your relationships cause you stress. Sometimes your muscles ache. And sometimes, you are just tired and need a break from your insane schedule. There’s a growing base of research that suggests that regular massage can have a profound positive effect on most of the challenges you face.

Take a look at this list of common wellness issues and check any and all that apply to you, then check the list below to see how you can more toward more wellness:

___ I am under stress from a relationship, from work, or just life in general.

___ I am very active and sometimes experience aches and pains

___ I am not as active as I should be and sometimes experience stiffness and soreness

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Three Reasons to Replace Your Pillow


As massage therapists, we see lots of neck, shoulder and upper back issues–many of which can be worsened by incorrect sleep posture. That favorite pillow that keeps you company each night may actually be adding to your misery.

The average pillow has a lifespan of a little less than 1 year, and there are more reasons than you might imagine why you should replace your pillows right now!

1   Pillows lose their fluff. Whether you have foam or feathers, the internal structure of a pillow degrades over time. The pillow becomes flat and needs constant fluffing to keep support. A flat pillow can contribute to sleep apnea, snoring, headaches, back pain, neck cramps and poor posture.

2   Pillows get gross. Even if you have a zippered pillow cover, your pillow picks up all sort of non-hygienic things over time.  Just like changing out your toothbrush (you DO change your toothbrush periodically, right?), your pillow can become a breeding ground for some really nasty bacteria.  Continue reading “Three Reasons to Replace Your Pillow”

Smartphones May Mess With Your Muscles

phonehandGo ahead and admit it.  There are precious few minutes when you aren’t looking at or responding to a post, email, text, photo or ping on your smartphone or tablet. All this contact has revolutionized business and communication and caused exponential growth in personal and social networks.  It’s also caused physical damage.

Smart device users everywhere are suddenly experiencing soreness, from tension in thumbs and sore fingers from texting to neck spasms from hunching over tiny screens, to wrist pain from constantly grasping the device.

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Why You Need a Prenatal Massage

Being pregnant is not easy. Talk to anyone who has been through the process and they’ll fill you in that along with the joy of coaxing a new life into the world, you will likely experience backaches, stiff neck, headaches, swelling, and cramps–and all this leads to increases stress. Increased stress means you can be irritable and have trouble sleeping.  So, along with the healthy glow, you’re secretly dealing with a lot of physical and emotional issues.  That’s why prenatal massage is so important.

A skilled prenatal massage therapist knows how to help.  From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel better.  Your therapist will conduct an interview to find out how things are going and how you’re feeling, and chat about your goals for the session.  Then, he or she will take extra care to ensure your safety and comfort.  They’ll help you onto the table if you need help, adjust your position (frequently on your side) and then carefully place pillows and cushions to reduce strain on lower back and pelvic areas and help you relax.

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