Wellness Check Up

It’s good to stop and take a look at yourself now and then. In addition to the good things in life, we all get a few challenges. Sometimes you get injured. Sometimes you become ill. Sometimes your work, your family and your relationships cause you stress. Sometimes your muscles ache. And sometimes, you are just tired and need a break from your insane schedule. There’s a growing base of research that suggests that regular massage can have a profound positive effect on most of the challenges you face.

Take a look at this list of common wellness issues and check any and all that apply to you, then check the list below to see how you can more toward more wellness:

___ I am under stress from a relationship, from work, or just life in general.

___ I am very active and sometimes experience aches and pains

___ I am not as active as I should be and sometimes experience stiffness and soreness

___ I am sometimes anxious or depressed

___ I have a recent injury

___ I could have better posture

___ I sometimes don’t sleep very well

___ I am easily distracted

___ I sometimes have migraines or other headaches

___ I exercise all the time and wish my recovery time was faster

___ I have PMS symptoms, like mood swings

___ I have or know someone who has cancer

___ I need to relax more

___ I am concerned about the health of my skin

___ I have chronic lower back or neck pain, or my arms/fingers get stiff from typing

___ I feel like I need a detox

Take a look at your wellness checklist. Did you know regular massage can actually help all of these issues? Here’s how:

  1. Detox. The lymph system is the body’s natural defense against toxins and impurities. Massage therapy stimulates the flow of toxic waste from the muscles, organs and tissues for improved health and digestion.
  2. Relax muscle tension. Massage Therapy stimulates blood circulation increasing oxygen and nutrient flow to connective tissue and muscles. This helps remove adhesions (“knots”) in the muscles as well as lubricate joints for increased flexibility.
  3. Recover from injury. Massage Therapy can break up scar tissue for more efficient movement. It can improve functional abilities and range of motion.
  4. Improve posture. Massage Therapy can improve posture by helping to train muscles to be in the right position allowing for better support to our structure. Our in-house chiropractor can help, too.
  5. Sleep better. Massage generates the same kind of brain waves as deep sleep. Most of our clients report sleeping much better for several days after a session.
  6. Injury prevention. Tense muscles tighten and pull the body out of alignment and restrict circulation. Regular Massage Therapy can increase circulation and relax the body to prevent chronic conditions from taking hold.
  7. Body maintenance. Massage Therapy is to the human body what a tune up is to a car. It helps to reduce heart rate, lowers blood pressure and strengthens immunity by boosting lymphocytes.
  8. Improved alertness. You can’t help but feel good after a massage leading to a more positive disposition. Massage Therapy also stimulates brain wave activity.
  9. Relieve chronic pain. Massage Therapy helps block the nervous systems pain receptors and increases blood flow to the muscles. It can increase mobility to the joints to help reduce arthritis pain, manage pain associated with pain of migraines, pregnancy, cancer and fibromyalgia.

    “For many people, managing pain involves using medicine along with massage. Good care should address the person as a whole – their mind, body, and spirit. .” Furlan et al. Massage for pain. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2008.

  10. De-stress. Massage Therapy calms the body and relaxes the mind helping to reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels. Considering the detrimental effect of stress on your body, this can lead to a major difference in your overall well being.
  11. Combat PMS. Reduce bloating and lessen mood swings.
  12. Tackle migraines. Decreased pain for people with tension headaches, and curb some of the stress associated with your pounding head.
  13. Ease cancer treatments. Massage is particularly helpful for people living with or undergoing treatment for serious illnesses, like cancer. Various studies have shown that massage can relieve fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression and nausea in cancer patients.
  14. Pretty face. A pretty face. Massage increases blood flow, which plumps up slack skin, encourages lymphatic drainage (the shuttling of toxins out and away from cells so that more nutrients can travel in) and adds vitality to a dull complexion and lackluster hair. Many massage therapy clinics also feature facials and acne treatments (esthetics), too.
  15. Back to Back Racing. There’s a reason massage therapists work on so many runners. From pros to weekend warriors, they all seen how quicker recovery and deep relaxation can give them a leg up in their next race. Even if it’s the next day!
  16. Massage feels amazing! Any one who has had a massage can attest that you feel like a new person afterwards.

In addition to all the health benefits listed above massage therapy boosts endorphins, the same hormone associated with a runners high. So, what are you waiting for? Book a massage today!