Massage for High Tech Workers

Most of us proud tech workers in Silicon Valley don’t let a day pass without using some gadget to keep up with a fast-paced world. While our hyper-connectedness can be exciting, it also challenges our body and mind to continue operating at a dizzying pace.

Just like most of our technology, our uber-connected body technology runs 24/7 and occassionally needs a reboot.

Like any computer hardware, occasionally our brain, and our muscles, need to be powered down so that they can reset and function optimally.

Many people tell us that the only time they can “shut down” is during a massage. Massage naturally calms the body and mind with gentle touch and rhythmic relaxation. Others find a stimulating deep-tissue or targeted massage helps reset their muscles for improved performance and relief from the soreness and tension we all carry.

One of our clients, a Silicon Valley marketing exec, has found that a couple of hour-long sessions a month is enough to keep him recharged and feeling ready for his fun, but high-stress, job. His shoulders relax from hours of responding to email and his legs drop tension he builds running between meetings.

“A one hour massage every other week makes a huge difference in how I feel and what I can accomplish in a fast-paced work environment.” Silicon Valley Tech Marketing Exec and self-proclaimed “tech geek”

A super-busy self-professed geek-mom who manages a thriving business and keeps a back-breaking schedule that includes answering texts from her 4 children about once an hour, finds massage the perfect way to “delete” stress.

However passionate you are about your connected devices, try giving it a rest, just for an hour. Every system needs a restart now and then. Try massage, you’ll be glad you did.