Corporate Massage Works

corporate massageHere in Silicon Valley we work hard– we put in ridiculous hours, manage crazy deadlines, and co-exist in super competitive workplaces. As workloads increase and we reach our bandwidth limits, harmful stress can begin to take its toll. You feel tired all the time. You get cranky. You scream at the dog. You eat 4 donuts in 1 hour. Your spouse/partner/BFF thinks you’ve turned into another (not-so-pleasant) person. There’s only so much of this we can take as mere mortals, but we work ALL the time.  What to do?

Many Bay Area workplaces are getting smart and beefing up wellness programs as a direct response to increased worker stress. Many large companies are adding fitness areas and some have a massage therapist or two on the payroll. Those wonderful amenities are great but pricy, especially for a startup or small business. Luckily there’s an alternative–bring in a massage team on a one-time or regular basis. Welcome to contract on-site corporate massage!

How does it work?

In a typical corporate massage event, one or more therapists bring massage chairs or tables and set up in a conference room or other semi-private location. Once the therapists are ready, employees spend 10-30 minutes in session without leaving the office. Therapists work to relax and reinvigorate and leave staff ready to get on with what is, most likely, a super productive rest of their day.

Every business is different, so usually the massage provider responds to inquiries with a quote for services. Quotes vary based on distance the therapists drive to your location, number of therapists needed, how long they’ll be on site (number of people served). Many providers offer very competitive pricing. The business management team can work out terms for payment with the therapist team, too.

Choosing the right provider

Not all massage therapists are created equally.  Chair massage is different than table massage and you want people who will get maximum results in the time employees are in session.  That’s why you should do your homework.  Choose locally based companies that have experience in on-site massage, have trained and licensed therapists, good quality equipment, and a responsible event manager. In some cases, you can even visit their brick-and-mortar locations, if they have one, to assess their professionalism and even sample their work before your event.

Everyone wins

On-site massage is a benefit people appreciate.  Experience has shown us that more than 90% of employees will take advantage of the service. Massage helps de-stress employees and shows a commitment to wellness by the management team. Massage events grow good-will and can have long-lasting effects on the health and wellness of your workforce. It’s a win-win!