High Tech, High Touch

hightechtouchWelcome to the craziness of Silicon Valley. We live in a place where everyone knows what it’s like to have a career that’s “more than a job, less than a life”. We are surrounded by high tech workers, and most of us work, or have worked, in high tech at some time in the last 20 years. It’s hustle, bustle, high pressure work. It’s rewarding, yes, but it can take its toll on our physical well-being.

All this high tech work, and the high tech devices we use every day, can cause physical stress on wrists, necks, shoulders, and eyeballs.  It’s also likely shortening attention spans and potentially weakening personal relationships. The heavy stress that comes with a high-reward job can also cause us to lose focus.

The need to disconnect

One of the best ways to combat the not-so-good parts of working high tech is to seek out a high touch experience to help restore balance. Try a massage, for example.

During a massage, you get 60-90 minutes of blissful quiet.  Surrounded by a warm, safe environment where nothing beeps, nothing buzzes, nothing vibrates. You begin to remember what it feels like to be present with yourself.  You lose yourself in soft music, magically coming from somewhere else than your earbuds. As the therapist works, your thoughts calm, too.  You will leave the problems of the day behind and just focus, for once, on how you feel and you will remember how very good it feels to think about nothing at all.

Corporations recognize the value of massage too. Once seen as a luxury, corporations are hiring in-house therapists at record pace and lunchtimes, evenings and weekends are turning into some much needed “me time” for many–young and old, male and female. Productivity rises.  Stress lessens.  Goodness prevails.

High tech in massage

That’s not to say we in the massage biz aren’t guilty of heavy use of technology ourselves, of course. Many massage therapists use apps on their iPad or tablet that help us research. We use the same devices when taking with our clients to illustrate the muscles we’re working on and help them understand more about their own bodies.  We also regularly attend webinars, and use up-to-date point of sale technologies.


[Proud Geek Warning] Speaking of up-to-date, we recently became the first massage therapy clinic in Silicon Valley to support Apple Pay, Apple’s new “near field communication” (NFC) payment system.  Gone are lumpy wallets (your lower back will thank you) and now clients just pay with a wave of their iPhone, Apple Watch or other device over our NFC reader and they’re done.  We support Google Wallet, too. All transactions are treated just like your credit card and super-secure.

And of course, therapists are regular people just like you, so whether our stress is from too much thumb work on the text keyboard, or just a long day we regularly seek opportunities to trade massage with each other to get some downtime of our own.  Of course, our big secret is that while we massage, we’re disconnecting a little from the world too.  Just as you are relaxing, we are totally present with you and while we’re working hard to help you relax, we get some wonderful benefits from the work, too!

Try a 1 hour disconnect

You will be amazed at what just an hour of low tech, high touch a week can do for your hectic lifestyle.  Clients report their moods are better, they are less stressed about work deadlines, and they feel better overall.  If you’re new to massage, just let the therapist know and we’ll talk you through it.  It feels great to try a high touch massage experience and you’ll be very happy you investigated this method to improve your wellness and start down the road of combating the stresses in your high tech world.