Teen Stress Is Real

Teens are anxious about a lot of things in their lives and, like adults, they need an outlet for stress. If we don’t suggest some options, they’ll likely experiment for themselves, sometimes with unexpected and undesirable consequences.

How pronounced is stress in teens? A survey by the APA (August 2013) showed more than 64% of the teens surveyed experienced moderate or extreme stress in the last month. About 13% of teens say they experienced extreme stress levels. Compare that to the  21% of adults reporting extreme stress levels and it’s easy to draw the conclusion that teens are following in their parents footsteps on the way toward a future of chronic stress and the chronic illness that often follows.

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Massage Therapy Can Help Depression


depressionblogDepression is a huge public health issue, and treatment ranges from pet therapy to heavy-dose medication. A research report published by the American Journal of Psychiatry indicates that massage may help.

While massage can ease stress and tension and may have emotional benefits, studies of the use of massage therapy in depressed patients were lacking.

 “Overall, the studies showed that massage therapy had “potentially significant effects” in alleviating symptoms of depression” (American Journal of Psychiatry, March 2010)

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The End of S.A.D.

endofsadblogladypicWe’re California lucky.  We’re used to sunny days and wonderful weather.  But what about those few days when the clouds roll in and we can’t get our dose of sunshine?  Nearly 10 million Americans who have normal mental health through the year experience mood and behavioral changes during periods of reduced sunlight- symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.).  Those who suffer with SAD can be depressed, feel overly tired, withdraw socially, or overeat. SAD sufferers may also be irritable and highly anxious as a result of their mood. Continue reading “The End of S.A.D.”