Five Reasons You Need a Holiday Massage

Here we go – another holiday season! It’s a time for comfort and joy, and making merry. It’s also a great time to stop and grab a massage.  Here are five reasons why you might seek out a qualified therapeutic massage.

  1. Stress. The holiday season can be wonderfully festive. It can also be incredibly stressful. In fact, the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year for the average person. You’ve got shopping to do. Changing holiday schedules. In-laws. Or maybe you’re just stressed because you’ve just put up your 12ft Christmas tree. Whatever the reason, 60 minutes of “you time” will go a long way against combating debilitating stresses of the season.
  2. Things are moving way too quickly. Blink and it’s Thanksgiving, blink again and it’s December 25. How does it all go by so fast? During the holiday season, tight schedules and fitting in time for family and friends can take its toll. Why not go see a massage therapist. For 60 minutes or so, you can DISCONNECT from all your mobile devices and slow down, for once
  3. It’s colder. When the temperature drops, muscles get tight. Even in sunny California, the temperature drops enough to tighten muscles, resulting in achy backs, cranky knees and sore elbows. Ask a massage therapist to warm up those muscles and joints and help relieve your pain.
  4. You’re training harder to burn turkey and holiday cookies. Some people take the season really seriously, ramping up their exercise and workout routines to try to consume those extra calories from holiday party platters and family feasts. All that extra exercise is bound to cause some sore muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. A qualified massage therapist can do wonders to help with muscle recovery between workouts and help keep you flexible enough to continue without the morning “ouches” from overexertion.
  5. You deserve a therapeutic break. Massage is no longer a luxury for the wealthy. It’s an effective treatment for everything from stress, to muscle pain, to sports injuries, to the bad body mechanics and overexertion as you put up those holiday lights. Even though massage techniques are based on solid science, think of massage as the “magic” that can help get you through the toughest of holiday stresses.