Couples Massage May Save Your Relationship

Let’s face it. We live in an incredibly stressful world. This stresses pile up, too. They make us tense. Short-tempered. Tired. Achy. Stress can turn just about any teddy bear into a angry grizzly. All that stress doesn’t do any favors for a relationship, either.

That’s where massage comes in. It’s well known that massage is good for relaxation, but there are plenty more reasons you might want to consider massage. And pairing up with your significant other for the experience has added benefits.

Here are just a few:

Shared experience: It may sound strange, but a lot of time couples spend together is consumed by day-to-day chores, meals, managing family, finances and jobs. A couple’s massage is a perfect way to have a shared experience that is exclusively about YOU. You’ll both leave the session relaxed and at peace.

An hour (or more) of quiet: There’s not a moment in most days where something is not beeping, buzzing, or flashing notifications. Your mobile devices keep you constantly connected. Add to that watching the kids, work issues, and other family responsibilities and your days are sometimes deafeningly noisy. Massage FORCES you to take an hour where you are completely disconnected. You and your partner experience on hour of rare quiet. Yeah, it’s only an hour, but it will do wonders!

Deeper connections: Even thought you’re just in the same room during your couple’s massage, the combination of a shared experience and quiet, along with the fact that you’re in it together can lead to some great post-massage conversation, and a good memory that can lead to deeper emotional connections.

No aches, less stress: Massage relieves tight muscles and knots, reduces aches and pain and increases flexibility and range of motion. All these benefits can have a big benefit on how you feel, and how you treat others around you, too.  When you feel relaxed and pain-free, your brain is free to concentrate on the more pleasurable parts of life.

Cuddle Hormones: Massage stimulates glands in your body which increases the production of hormones.  One of those hormones, Oxytocin, is often called the “cuddle hormone” because it increases feelings of happiness and well being and fires up the neurons that tell brain to “nurture”. For quite a while after your massage, those hormones will stay elevated. Plan some “us-time” after the massage to reconnect and enjoy the feelings.

So massage reduces stress and offers a few more benefits that help level your mood, calm you down, and help you cope with the world around you. All those things are wonderful for any relationship, especially close ones like your spouse and other family. Try it, you’ll love it!