The Parenthood Challenge

parenthoodIt’s not as easy as everyone thinks to be SUPERMOM or AWESOMEDAD. You carry all the weight of your family–and that can take it’s toll over time.

Nobody has to tell you that parenthood is both the best job in the world, and the hardest. If you are a parent, you know it’s a roller-coaster ride of priceless moments countered by emotional challenges too intense even for today’s reality shows. But somehow, you do it.

Day to day, though, the challenges can mount and begin to manifest as physical symptoms, like headaches and a short temper, or achy muscles, or sleepless nights. So what’s the answer? It’s easier than you think. Try taking a few moments now and then to just let things go. Think about YOU for a change.

Many parents find it’s hard to have “me-time” and finding something that seems worth the calendar planning and grandma-babysitting can be a challenge. That why so many moms and dads choose massage a couple of times each month. Massage hits all the marks. It sooths tired muscles, reduces pain, lowers stress, can help you sleep better at night, and gives you a little time to just relax and capture a moment to yourself. Massage is something you can enjoy alone, or book alongside your partner for a relaxing couples massage.

Those who make time for regular massage will tell you that the benefits of the 1 hour session extend well past the actual therapeutic time on the massage table. Most clients say that they feel better for a long time after their session, and that they look forward to their next session. They find that short time away from things that beep, ring, vibrate, nag or cry is invaluable for recharging their physical and mental batteries.

It’s about time you rewarded yourself a little with something that can have a lasting, positive affect on your mind, your body and your wellbeing. Find a qualified massage therapist today. You, and everyone around you, will benefit for YOUR “me-time” massage.