Top 5 Reasons Massage is a Great Gift

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just a “really wanted to show you I care” opportunity, massage makes a great gift. Here are the top five reasons you might want to consider offering mom (or any other significant person in your life) a wonderful massage experience.

  1. An hour of “me time”: In today’s hectic world of gym, work, eat, sleep, repeat it’s hard to take a moment and just “be”. Did you know almost HALF of the working population doesn’t take vacation? One of the most welcomed gifts you can give someone is time. Time to rest. Time to disconnect. Time to breathe. Massage presents an opportunity for an hour (or more) of blissful quiet.
  2. Massage promotes wellness: Offering everything from the stimulation of “happy” endorphins to health benefits like increased flexibility, range of motion, easing of aches and pains–massage is a terrific way to help maintain good health. It’s also a wonderful thing to try if you have a nagging, chronic pain, like sore shoulders, lower back or ankles. A qualified therapist can do wonders.
  3. It’s a unique gift: Flowers and chocolates are always cherished, but many of us struggle to find something a little more unique each year. The thought behind this gift is all about relaxation and wellness, and many moms (and dads) love massage but would never indulge on their own. You can help.
  4. Often a first time experience: There are lots of moms, dads and BFFs out there who have never had the experience of getting a massage. Find a caring, licensed & certified massage therapist and they’ll walk the gift recipient through the process with careful attention to relaxation, modesty, and comfort. You could probably count the number of people who don’t want to return after their first massage on one hand. Everyone loves massage. For most it’s the start of a new appreciation for the value of therapeutic touch and relaxation.
  5. Shows you care: The ideal gift shows thought and concern, and results in a big smile and a lot of good feelings. Massage ticks all those boxes. If you want to personalize the experience even more, arrange to go in for a massage yourself at the same time and you’ll both leave relaxed and refreshed.

How do you locate a qualified therapist? Try to find a therapist within 5-10 miles of your home and check YELP reviews and scan their website and Facebook pages. You can also check credentials (look for “CMT” and “LMT” designation) to make sure your therapist knows what they are doing. Ask your friends for recommendations, too.