Triathlete, Coach, Motivator Talks Massage

BoRivera1blogWhen most of us are just slapping the SNOOZE button for the second time, Bo Rivera is already in high gear at the gym. Not just any gym, Santa Clara’s premiere gym, Fitness Never Sleeps (FNS). And he’s not there just for his own wellness, he’s part of the FNS team, both as superstar coach and marketing lead.  He’s been with FNS since the club opened in 2012 helping hundreds of athletes and weekend warriors build new skills, acquire new fitness habits, and push themselves to reach their personal goals.

Bo has a true passion for fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals.  He’s a lifelong athlete who grew up playing soccer in high school and college, and has been an avid snowboarder, cyclist, and martial artist for more than 10 years. He’s committed to building excellent habits for fitness, nutrition, wellness, and a positive attitude.

Bo practices what he preaches, too.  He’s an accomplished triathlete and designed his own customized fitness and nutrition program. He’s also a big believer in the benefits of massage therapy in helping him maintain maximum wellness.

Bo’s passion is contagious, as any FNS member will tell you. We were curious as to why he believes massage is such an important part of a wellness program, and a little more about his own motivations, so we sat down with Bo for a quick Q&A.

SVMTG: You’ve been at FNS as a coach since the club opened more than 3 years ago. What’s the best part of your job?

Bo: It’s about seeing people I work with and others at the club reach their goals and having a positive impact on their journey toward those goals on a daily basis.

SVMTG: Why are you so passionate about coaching at FNS? 

bosideBo: I have a unique opportunity every day to inspire, motivate and educate people about how to live full, healthy lives. There are few things more rewarding then when one of my athletes crushes a goal. I’m also motivated by the fact that at FNS, we take a very holistic approach to fitness and wellness. Our focus is on the 3 Ms: Mind, Meals and Movement. Massage applies to 2 of those: Mind (relaxation and stress relief) and Movement (helping with flexibility, range of motion, and muscle recovery.) By looking at and training a person in this holistic view, FNS is able to train its members and athletes to achieve a lifetime of sustainable fitness and health.

SVMTG: Your own fitness is a great inspiration to others. What’s your workout routine?

Bo: It changes throughout the year. I am currently at the very beginning of triathlon season, so I swim, bike and run for about 8 hours a week and work on strength and core work about 3-4 hours a week.  Of course in my job as FNS coach, I’m on my feet and moving all day as well.

SVMTG: Do you have a special diet?

Bo: No! I don’t like the word “diet”, because people associate diet with a limited time frame. I have a meal plan, and the plan adjusts and changes based on my training load and goals.

SVMTG: How has a focus on general wellness and fitness affected your life?

Bo: I could’t tell you all of ways–it would take too long! Standouts are increased daily energy and a positive mindset. The mental improvement on many levels is probably the biggest thing one would notice, sharpness and clarity of thought. All the aspects of the wellness program, whether it’s exercise, nutrition or massage, have an impact on both mind and body.

SVMTG: Why do you think massage is important part of your wellness routine?

Bo: Massage is an important part of my recovery routine. I am on my feet most of the day coaching and training, I am a triathlete and gym rat in general, I spend upwards of 12-14 hours a week on my own fitness. Without proper care I would be falling apart and injury prone in a matter of weeks. Massage and other recovery modalities keep me fresh, loose and injury free.

SVMTG: What would you say to other active people about the benefits of massage?

Bo: Don’t think of massage as a once in a while treat, make it a regular part of your recovery routine. Find a well educated therapist that understands the rigors of your training and once you find one you like, stick with them. A good therapist is friendly, has good communication skills, a deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology and takes a proactive approach toward wellness. The more regularly you see one therapist, the better the service and massage will get because they know your body and your issues.

SVMTG: When did you discover massage?

Bo: I have been using massage since I was in college, but in the past 2 years, since I started triathlon training, have I made it a MUST have part of my routine. I get a 60 minute massage a minimum of twice a month and it makes a difference!

SVMTG: Anything else you wanna say?

Bo: I just want to thank Silicon Valley Massage Therapy for providing me and the community at FNS with amazing service and care over the last couple of years and I look forward to our continued success and growth together.

SVMTG: Thank you, Bo, for continuing to set a real example of a caring, supportive athlete.  And thanks for sharing a little about yourself.