The Effects of Rose Oil on Women and Men

Put a couple drops of rose oil in a diffuser and you get the attention of every woman within smelling distance.  The wonderfully intense smell of a rose is sweet and floral and generally effects women by calming them. Other benefits can include balancing hormones, easing menstrual cramps, PMS symptoms and leveling mood. The effect of the scent of a rose is usually instantaneous and most women will report it’s one of their favorite scents.  That’s why it’s used in thousands of facial creams and costly perfumes. And, rose oil is a very well known natural aphrodisiac.

While rose oil is also an aphrodisiac for men, the most often reported effects usually center around relief from stress, mental fatigue, and adding to memory and alertness. It’s also effective in treating insomnia. For many men, sweet and tasty scents, like vanilla and almond and more fruity scents, are preferred to florals like rose oil.

All that said, while men and women may “sense” what they smell differently, there seem to be more commonalities than differences. Rose oil always seems to be a good idea.  When it comes to rose oil, there’s simply no better oil you can drop in your diffuser to set, and enhance, the mood of both parties.

Both men and women respond well to topical use of rose oil.  That is, using products with unadulterated (pure) essential oil as an ingredient and applying the cream, oil or lotion directly to your skin. Or put essential oil, judiciously, directly on the skin.  Rose oil is a strong bactericide and it’s effective against acne and reduces blemishes in just about any one who tries it.

How to use rose oil to lift the mood and soothe

If you’re ever feeling anxious or down add  5 drops of rose and (optionally) 5 drops of lavender in a diffuser and let it run. Place it beside your bed at night and you’ll wake up renewed and calm. You can use a single drop behind the ear or on the collarbone for an extra romantic mood changer. Don’t take it internally though, it can have toxic effects.

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100% pure rose oil is easy to get, ask your massage therapist to order it!

More about rose oil

One more note about rose oil, incidentally. Pregnant women should avoid it during the first three months of pregnancy, and note that “rose water” and “rose hips” are very different than 100% pure rose oil.  Always check the purity of the oils used.  Because it takes a whopping 5,000 lbs of rose petals to create just 1 pound of essential oil, and the process is very labor intensive get our your credit card, it’s gonna be pricey – about $600 per ounce. Most pure rose oil, though, comes is a more reasonable 2ml which will set you back about $40. A 2ml bottle contains about 40 or so drops, but 100% rose oil is POTENT, so you only need a few with each use, so it will likely last a while.



Pure rose oil and aromatherapy diffuser are available on-site at Silicon Valley Massage Therapy Group

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