Read this if you work out more than 4 times a week

gymsilhouetteThere’s a special tribe of gym goers who are full-on focused on a specific goal–maybe it’s weight loss, getting six pack abs, or some rehab from an injury–and they’re driving toward the goal by going to the gym, a lot.  This tribe can be found in a gym just about EVERY day, in fact.  They’re the hard-core gym members, and they are serious about their bodies.

While most people who go to the gym a lot will tell you about the rush they get from a great workout or that they can’t imagine NOT going to the gym, they’re probably NOT talking about soreness and pain they often feel from the stress of the workout, the run, or the CrossFit-Zumba–spinning marathon. The fact is, you’re getting bigger, more toned or faster because as you work those muscles, they are constantly stretching and tearing, and then regenerating building new tissue or stronger tissue.  Micro-tears in muscles over a long term with no rest can result in pain and soreness, and, if left alone, can actually lead to a weakening of muscle tissue that may cause injury.

That’s where massage helps. The kneading, ironing, stretching and compression of muscle tissue causes the muscle tissue to “invigorate”.  That is, blood flow is drawn to the area bringing all the good oxygen and nutrients you need to the muscle group. It also helps purge lactic acid. The result? You will feel more flexible, agile, and have a lot less soreness.

In general, if you work out a lot, your body will benefit from a deep tissue or sports massage every 2-3 weeks.  The hour long session will keep your muscles toned and help more quickly repair the damage done as muscles stress, flex and extend.  You’ll feel the results after the very first session and as long as you keep it up, you’ll notice increased range of motion and less soreness with physical exertion.

Make an appointment today and talk to your therapist about your gym schedule.  Every superman/woman needs a recharge break now and then!