The Game’s A Foot

Compared to chimpanzees, the human foot is more adapted for walking upright. Your toes are smaller and your big toe is better suited for stability than for grasping tree branches. We’re hard on our feet though, and they often need our attention.

Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 muscles (intrinsic and extrinsic), 31 joints and over 100 ligaments. The feet contain 1/4 of all the bones of the body (52 bones in a pair of feet)

The body lines up over the feet, when a foot goes out of alignment the ankle, knee, pelvis and back follow. Analyzing the way you stand, walk, run and sit helps determine the cause of misalignment, which is most likely the culprit of pain. Finding and targeting the misalignment with massage and/or chiropractic work usually relieves the pain.

“One in six people in the US have foot problems. Eighty percent of all foot problems occur in women. Two-thirds of foot problems can be attributed to shoes.” Web MD (2013)

Your feet love walking, getting rubbed, being flexed and extended, and attention paid to the quality and condition of the skin around them.  Strengthening and stretching the foot and lower leg muscles, along with wearing properly fitted, arch supporting shoes, will maintain muscle tone in the feet and prevent future foot problems from occurring.

During a massage session, whether Swedish, sports or another modality, your skilled therapist will assess the range and fluidity of motion of your feet and ankles and  adapt their massage techniques to bring the most benefit to the area.

It’s not just athletes that are hard on their feet, those Jimmy Choos also do a number on your toes and the plantar surfaces of your feet.

Your body reflects the health of your feet; therefore happy, healthy feet result in a happy, healthy body. Got sore feet? We’ll help.  Call us today.