Teens Are More Stressed Than You Think


Being a teen doesn’t prevent someone from experiencing stress. Teens need guidance to help reduce stress and massage can help.

It’s a fast-paced world.  Teens are surrounded by an always-connected, competitive, socially charged whirlwind of challenges. Teens are anxious about a lot of things in their lives and, like adults, they need an outlet for stress. On top of that, they are growing, which means aches and pains and lots of hormonal craziness. If we don’t suggest some options to reduce these stressors, teens will likely experiment for themselves, sometimes with unexpected and undesirable consequences. 

In a recent study by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, teens cited school, homework, and academic pressures as the #1 causes of stress. Parents/family, social life and relationships, and keeping up with deadlines/managing time and participation in team sports came in next. 

 “Teenagers deal with lots of emotional highs and lows. One minute they feel great, the next sad and tearful. Mood shifts are just a part of a changing life. Working to reduce stress helps even your moods and make you feel better.” (Kidshealth.org, 2012)

So what to do? Turns out the recipe for stress relief in teens is the same as for their adult counterparts. Besides getting more exercise and taking time to slow down and BREATHE once in a while.  And, as with adults–massage can help.

The benefits of massage are well documented. Muscle tension relief that helps growing pains and injuries from athletic activities, lowered levels of stress-producing chemicals in the system, increased sense of relaxation, improved immune function, even a heightened ability to concentrate and focus.

“My son plays on the school football team and always comes home sore.  The massage really helped him recover quickly. It was hard to talk him into it, but now he knows it helps and likes it.”  R. Kim, parent

“Kim is super-competitive in school and keeps her stress inside. She came from her massage session relaxed and really liked it.” A. Katrander, parent

At SVMTG we’ve got experience with teen massage. You book the appointment, sign a waiver and our trained and certified massage therapists will help them relax in a safe, secure environment. You can choose to be present in the room, or wait elsewhere.  We’ll give you full report after the session if you wish.

Don’t keep the benefits of massage to yourself, share it with your son or daughter. Hey, it works for you, right?