Waiting for Wellness

Every single day, a runner tweaks a muscle, an active adult injures a shoulder,  someone shackled to a computer gets a pain in their wrist or finger and someone wakes up from a restless night of sleep with back, neck or shoulder pain. Some attempt to “walk it off”, some race to a doctor or grab an over-the-counter pain reliever.  Others just wait, hoping the pain will go away on it’s own.

You Don’t Have to Wait for Wellness

In each of the aforementioned cases, massage can usually make a significant, noticeable difference in your level of pain or discomfort, and often speeds healing of the traumatized area.  Add a well-trained massage therapist who listens to your needs, performs exemplary work, and coaches you on home-care activities and you’ve got a wellness program that works.

People seek massage for many reasons.  Maybe it’s to de-stress from an impossibly hectic work or home week.  Maybe it’s because you pushed yourself just a little bit too hard during that last road race.  Or maybe you wake up every single day stiff and sore and you’re just tired of it.  The key to wellness is to activate.  To seek care.  To explore options and find something that works for you.  To find the best possible solution to your discomfort. Activation means seeking a qualified massage therapist to help you out.

Education Makes a Difference

Like any profession, there is a wide range of ability levels in massage therapy.  There are therapists who treat the profession as a 9-5 job, staring at the clock.  There are those with technical skills that have only worked places where client communication is rushed and undervalued.  And, thankfully, there are many, many therapists who deeply care about each and every client and make it a point of pride to listen and perform work that makes a real and positive change in the client’s body, mind, and spirit.

The bar for working in the field of massage therapy is, unfortunately, not very high.  Some practitioners go to work with very little training and less understanding of what they are actually doing.  They attend schools with a basic course of study, missing a more holistic approach. That’s why it’s up to massage therapy clinic owners, and you, to research your therapist.  Find out where they went to school.  How many hours of instruction they had. How many of those hours were classroom, hands-on, and practical.

Here in Silicon Valley, the gold standard is the National Holistic Institute. The fully accredited school’s curriculum not only teaches a huge array of massage techniques, but they also ensure a focus on communication skills, professional ethics and problem-solving. Students work in real-world situations during their program. And upon graduate, they become part of a growing network of other practitioners who offer opportunities for networking and jobs.  There’s also an advanced program for continuing education.  In short, they turn out great therapists.  That’s why every single California Certified therapist we employ is a successful graduate of their program.  We interview widely, and NHI graduates come out on top.

We Will Get You on a Wellness Path

At Silicon Valley Massage Therapy Group we ensure each and every therapist is prepared with all the knowledge and skills they need to help you with your path to wellness. Unlike other massage centers, we require training that exceeds state requirements, and most of our staff have advanced certifications–some with more than 1100 hours of education.  Many have additional training in everything from pre-natal and sports massage to advanced neuromuscular therapies. We spend extra time with clients to help understand their needs before and after the massage.  We work with medical professionals. We follow up.  We keep meticulous records, adhering to HIPAA standards. These are big differences.  That’s why more than 85% of our clients return after their first visit.