Five Ways to “Ground”

groundedladyAre you grounded?  “Grounding” is an individual process.  For some it means taking a moment to breathe, to others it is a more active process.  Staying grounded helps you control your emotions, mellow your mood and brings focus and purpose to the task at hand.  In massage, therapists use grounding to help them shut out and protect themselves from the negative energy and noise around them so that they can focus on the bodywork.

Here are a few ways we ground.  Try them, you’ll feel better, too:

  1. Take a breath. Close your eyes and take 1-2 deep breaths.  Be aware of the air moving in and out of your lungs. Feel relaxation and focus as you exhale.
  2. Focus on a fixed point. Try picking a point in the room.  It could be a picture on the wall or a flower on a table.  Hold you gaze on that object for 30 seconds and try to bring all your attention to the task.
  3. Recite. Try an affirmation, prayer, or mantra: Some people like to repeat a short phrase or words to help them focus.  It could be something that channels your thought, like “I feel focused, happy and content” or something that helps bring good energy to the task, like “I bring good energy and leave the bad behind.
  4. Smooth moves. Try a smooth or rhythmic motion with your hands, arms or legs to bring you focus.  A simple fluid motion, think “hula”, can draw focus and help push away bad energy. Walking barefoot on grass, dirt, snow or sand helps some ground as well.
  5. Hug someone.  Human contact can channel strong emotion and have a significant impact on how you feel.  Hugs complete an “empathetic circuit” that have an immediate calming effect. While we don’t directly hug our clients, you’ll feel a “virtual hug” when the therapist first places their hands on you to begin the session.  That moment, when the therapist takes a beat and a breath, signals that the grounding process has begun for both you and the therapist.

Regardless of which method you choose, grounding can make a big difference in how you feel and how others feel about being around you. Try it, you’ll like it.