Five Hydration Do’s and Don’ts

Many people have discovered that proper hydration with sports drinks helps them run faster, have better motor skills, and stay mentally sharper–and the research bears that out. But sometimes plain old water does the trick.

1  Consume sports drinks during intense workouts.

When you exercise, you lose water and salts through sweat. Gatorade and other sports drinks replace both, and often add other minerals and sometimes vitamins and carbs, too. All these help, especially during intense workouts. Stay away from sports drinks when you’re not exercising, though, lots of calories!

Don’t bother with add-ons.

Any add-ons to the basic electrolyte drink–whether it’s choline, creatine, or something else–makes no difference to anyone except the extreme hard-core professional. If you eat protein in your meals (and you should) that’s much more protein than you’ll get in drinks. Theoretically, the drinks are supposed to spare your muscle protein, but in reality it’s a marginal gain. Just eating protein will do that much. Continue reading “Five Hydration Do’s and Don’ts”