Could It Be Sciatica?

sciaticnerveYour sciatic nerve is the longest and widest in the human body. It starts in your lower back near the base of your spine and branches run through your buttocks and down each leg.  This important nerve supplies almost all the skin of the leg, muscles of the back of your thigh and leg and foot.

As it weaves it’s way through your lower anatomy, it actually passes just under your piriformis muscle and through  an opening in your pelvis.  When it reaches the leg, it travels down the back of your leg, behind the adductor magnus muscle and ends at your foot.

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Can Massage Help You Sleep Better?

sleepsheepInsomnia isn’t an illness but a symptom.  To find the best way to fix your sleep problems, you have to look for the underlying causes. If your insomnia is chronic, you should start with a trip to your physician to eliminate any actual medical conditions. If there’s no pathology that’s keeping you awake, you can try natural methods like herbs, vitamins and minerals, aromatherapy, regular planned exercise and stress management courses. But the best option yet may be massage.

For many, sleeplessness comes from physical issues like muscle pain, arm or hand numbness, neck or back pain, spasms and cramps and restless leg syndrome. For others, it’s difficult to quiet the mind and release the day’s stress.  That’s where massage comes in – helping both physical issues and relaxing and de-stressing you to the point where sleep comes easier.  Hundreds of our clients have reported better sleep resulting from their time with us.

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