Why More Men Seek Therapeutic Massage

maletherapistThere was a time when a relaxing, therapeutic massage was only available in a spa and the massage experience targeted only women. Massage therapy is now a mainstream, fast-growing, $10 billion industry. More men than ever are understanding and taking advantage of the benefits of massage.  A lot more. The number of men reporting that they received at least one professional massage is growing 20% year-over-year (AMTA study). Here are some reasons why…

1. Massage is more available: There are now more than 300,000 licensed, practicing massage therapists in the US and they’re working everywhere–from chiropractic offices, to spas, on cruise ships, in massage chain stores, at sporting events, in gyms, and at stand-alone clinics.  It has become much easier to find a massage.

2. Sports massage: While some men seek massage only for relaxation, others seek massage for rehabilitation or regular maintenance because they are active in sports, the gym, or just have sore muscles.  Sports massage is for men and women, but sometimes men just feel better selecting “sports” from a menu. Sports massage techniques are more widely taught to therapists now, too, so expertise in meeting the unique needs of active men (and women) are better met.

3. Therapeutic targeting: Like women, many men have a specific muscle issue – a tight calf, a tennis elbow, aching lower back.  These issues are perfectly matched to the expertise of a trained therapeutic massage therapist.  More men are coming to massage locations for work on a specific muscle group or pain these days, and it’s paying off. Continue reading “Why More Men Seek Therapeutic Massage”