Why We Eat Junk Food

Why do we eat junk food so much?  It’s fast, convenient and comforting. It fills us up. But we weren’t born craving Taco Bell or M&Ms. We’re actually born craving simple foods, like vegetables and proteins.  So what happened?

Turns out, it’s literally our environment, where everyone gives in to wants instead of needs when it comes to food and that changes our cravings.  Those desires, which are most certainly learned behaviors, become habits, causing us to eat way more calories than we need and to choose fast food over a more nutritious home cooked meal.

Once we realize that a lot of what we eat is because of habit, not some innate need, and realize that it’s actually easier, and can be cheaper, to eat a more simple, more pure, more natural diet.  And it can make a MASSIVE difference in your overall wellness.

What is “junk food”?

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5 Food Rules for Chronic Pain

myplatepicblogCan a change in diet help ease aches and discomfort? Probably.

Fibromyalgia symptoms include muscle pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, depression and more. While treatment with medicines can relieve some symptoms, many say that following a throughful diet can help with the rest, or even replace medicines over time.

And research shows that even if you don’t have Fibromyalgia, you may reduce similar symptoms with some small changes in diet. Check out these five food rules that may help you keep your body balanced.

1. Cut back on the caffeine. There is pretty good research that stimulants like caffeine are linked to temporary imbalance of brain chemicals, some of those that can deprive you of sleep or cause fatigue. Caffeine may give you a quick boost, but it’s borrowing again future energy reserves.

2. Eat fresh. Eating preservative and additive-free foods can ease fibromyalgia symptoms (like irritable bowel syndrome) in increase the health of your skin and body tissues.

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