Massage and Office Productivity

Chances are, you are not the queen or king of good posture. Your workstation ergonomics are less than wonderful and you sit for long periods staring at a bright computer monitor. Pile on top of that a boatload of deadlines and office politics and it can all add up to anything from slacking off at work to having an epic meltdown,

We’re only human, and eventually, all that unnatural activity can start to wear on our bodies and minds. You suddenly start to feel aches and pain, have trouble falling asleep, or get headaches, or find it difficult to stay on task. And sometimes, you’re even ready to just chuck it all out the window and move to the beach.

Massage is a smart option

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Fix Hunched Shoulders Before It’s Too Late

Ever catch yourself leaning forward while you stare at your computer display You’re back is curved, your shoulders rounded, your chin jutted out and your arms curled up like some kind of high-tech T-Rex? Welcome to “hunched shoulder” posture. Hunched shoulders, sometimes called “rolled shoulders” are very common, especially among office workers, and are a major contributor to the 80% of Americans that experience back pain at some time.

How you get hunched shoulders

Usually, a forward shoulder posture comes from incorrect posture while sitting for long periods of time. In today’s world, that likely means hunching (literally) over a keyboard all day. Incorrect posture while sitting is very dependent on the type and height of your chair, the height of your keyboard, and the height and position of your computer screen. There IS a ‘wrong way’ to sit. Continue reading “Fix Hunched Shoulders Before It’s Too Late”

High Tech Worker: Sit or Stand?

Picture 066If you look around your office, there’s a very good chance some workers are using “stand-up” desk configurations. Besides feeling a little like an air traffic controller overseeing the runways, this ergonomic configuration works for some workers.  For others, not so much. So when should you sit or stand?

Sit, but Move

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It’s About How You SIT

howtositHow you sit when you’re working is something 100% in your control.  Poor sitting posture can result in lower back injuries and contribute to the poor positioning of other parts of the body, such as the arms, wrists, and legs.  You can make some small changes that can have a big impact on your posture and in turn reduce chronic pain in your arms, fingers, lower back and legs.

There are three main factors that influence your sitting posture: vision, reach, and postural support.

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