Release Anger Through Massage

Everyone gets angry sometimes. Anger is a normal emotion with a wide range of intensity, from mild frustration to outright rage. Anger is usually a reaction to a perceived threat to ourself, those we love, our property, or our identity.  It’s also a red flag that tells us something is wrong.

Anger, if managed well, can prompt us to make positive changes in our lives.  Managed poorly, however, it leads to poor decision making and creates problems all around you.  It can also affect your health.

Any massage therapist will tell you that your emotions like anger can contribute to or aggravate muscle tension and pain.  When they work on you they can feel the extra tension, more knots, and observe physical signs that there are unexpressed emotions. There is strong evidence that suppressed anger can lead to heightened pain and aches ( and the body tension and tightness that accompanies anger can have long term affects on your health.

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