Balance and Empathy: A Conversation with Jules

It takes a special person to work with mothers-to-be. It’s about balance and empathy and an informed touch. Expectant mothers are under tremendous stress and their hormones are almost as unbalanced as their changing bodies. For a massage therapist who works with prenatal clients, it’s about listening. It’s about knowing what’s going on anatomically, energetically, and emotionally. It’s about having special knowledge and skills to give some of those who most need it a time where they can completely relax and know that they are in competent hands. Say hello to a wonderfully caring massage therapist – Jules.

Jules does all kinds of bodywork, not just pre-natal. She’s also a doula (birth companion and post-birth supporter). She is very well trained in many types of massage including sports massage, chair massage, Swedish, deep tissue and more. A graduate of National Holistic Institute, Jules continues to attend professional development classes to keep her knowledge up to date.

What do you like most about being a massage therapist?

I love being able to help people and make them feel better through massage and energy work! I combine modalities to create a deeply effective massage experience, bringing the client to a deep relaxing space where sore muscles and tightness in the body can relax, release, and unwind. My intention is to help each client find balance and harmony within their body and mind and soul.

Can you think of a specific example of how your work benefited another person?

A woman walked in with a slightly tilted head and explained that she frequently woke up with a kink in her neck. After talking with her and examining her muscles it seemed to be more than just a kink.  She had been living with the pain for so long she did not realize how bad it really was.

After several bi-weekly targeted sessions, her SCM (Sternocleidomastoid), Scalenes and Levator Scapula muscles were in much better shape – no longer preventing a full range of motion in her neck. Her headaches were gone and her asthma had improved, too.

When YOU receive a massage, what are 2 or three important things you hope the therapist will do?

The most important thing to me is when a therapist listens to my needs. The therapist understands my particular issues and addresses them – checking in and adjusting the pressure and making the session as relaxing as possible.

Why is massage important for wellness?

I believe massage is a vital component in maintaining and promoting health and well-being.  Working with the muscle tissue to break up adhesions, unwinding knots and calming the nervous system can only benefit ones health. Regular massage helps promote a more balanced state in all the body’s systems.

We are so fortunate to have Jules on staff here at Silicon Valley Massage Therapy. Time after time, her clients report experiencing deep, meaningful relaxation. They know she’s listening. We celebrate Jules and appreciate how her ability to listen and empathize with her clients. The massage is professional, the hugs are free.