Calm Confidence: A Conversation with Alex

image1When you first meet Alex, you are struck by his calm confidence. He smiles easily and radiates with positive energy. As you get to know him more, you find a bright, thoughtful man who takes his role as massage therapist very seriously.

Alex works hard to understand the “whole client” – their complaints, their daily activity, their environment, and elements in their life that can manifest in aches and pains. He uses his knowledge and skills to design a massage session to maximize relief from pain and spends time educating clients about the interconnected body, mind and spirit. He’s an intuitive teacher.

In his continual quest for learning, Alex graduated with high marks from the National Holistic Institute’s core program and then went on to continuing education and certification as an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist. He knows his stuff and he has developed amazing skills.

I chatted with Alex and here are his answers:

What do you like most about being a massage therapist?

I see massage therapy as a practice with seemingly endless potential for refinement and learning, centered around result-oriented therapy and a deeply human connection. An understanding of those connections bring healing and pain relief to both mind and body.  Massage therapy has given me at least as much as I have put into it.

Can you think of a specific example of how your work benefited another person? 

Probably the most rewarding work I’ve done with a client revolved around a scapular mobility issue (or collection of issues) which built and manifested over 20 years and had taken the client to the verge of the need for hospital visits and potential surgeries. Though it took a series of targeted sessions, working together we got him out of pain long term and the client was able to return to a once treasured activity from his youth. He continues to feel better and now we’ve moved on to helping him with other issues.

Why did you continue your education and become an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist (ANMT)?

I decided to go through with the Advanced Neuro-Muscular Therapy program because I am primarily interested in helping people get the best results possible, and for the incredible opportunity to study under some particularly special educators at NHI.

When YOU receive a massage, what are important things you hope the therapist will do?

When it comes to receiving quality bodywork, the biggest factor for me is the therapist being present enough with me and my body to spend focused time on the work I need most, with enough sensitivity to do the work at a level my body can handle.

Why is massage important for wellness?

Massage is about creating greater balance in the relationship between people and their bodies, which leads to a greater level of preventing and mitigating serious bio-psycho-social health complications.

Alex remains one of our most talented and intuitive therapists. He has helped hundreds of clients with complex issues, many who had tried other types of therapy unsuccessfully. He is a valuable and cherished asset to our team – and to his clients.