Nurturing Touch: A Conversation with Tiffani

As a certified massage therapist and owner of a thriving therapeutic massage practice, I’m always on the lookout for talented practitioners. Our business chooses to set the bar very high, tapping only the top talent and bringing in new team members who are genuine, highly skilled, caring individuals who share our mission to create positive change in the body, mind and spirit of each client.


After more than four years of hiring talented professionals, I usually know right away when a therapist is a good fit. They present themselves professionally, are good communicators, and smile – a lot. Every once in a while, though, I stumble on someone who is truly extraordinary. All the professionalism, great communication skills, lots of smiles, but also someone who right away projects  a positive energy and sense of calm. Someone whose very nature, from the first contact, represents a calm and nurturing presence. I’m talking about Tiffani.

Tiffani is a fellow graduate of the National Holistic Institute (San Jose). She’s also an accomplished yoga teacher and practitioner. She also recently passed her MBLEx exam with flying colors. During the rigorous practical required for employment with us, she was assigned to work on one of our most experienced and highly skilled therapists, an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist named Shirley. Shirley not only gave Tiffani high marks for technical skill, flow, communication, and knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and pathologies, she went the extra mile to report on the strong positive energy she felt after the session, and noted that Tiffani’s demeanor and positive attitude would make her a perfect addition to our team. She has screened many, many applicants and usually offers helpful criticisms for the bodywork she receives. This time, though, she just said “hire her”. She was right.


Since May of 2015, Tiffani has worked with hundreds of clients – every single one complimenting her on the work and many reporting substantive and meaningful change. She is truly gifted as a therapist and a wonderful friend and team member.


I asked Tiffani to share her thoughts on a few questions. Her answers speak volumes about why she’s such a good therapist and why we care so much for her.

What do you like most about being a massage therapist?
The feeling I get when my client gets off the table, telling me how much they needed the work that they received.  I enjoy helping others to feel the healing effects of massage therapy, and spreading the word about holistic health.


Can you think of a specific example of how your work benefited another person? 
Sonu is a client of mine who suffered from endometriosis.  Once a month she would come for a session doubled over with pain.  The massage was her only relief.  She is a mother of twins, and the stress of her pain and balancing her home life was only adding to her discomfort.  She set aside time to get a massage, and for one hour she felt completely relaxed and comfortable.  This caring therapeutic time was something very special for me to be apart of.


When YOU receive a massage, what are some important things you hope the therapist will do?

When I get a massage I am always hopeful of some good foot work. I do believe the feet are slightly neglected in general. They do so much for us and its absolutely critical that we show them some love! A nice, long occipital release at the end of my massage is something I love. The stress relief you feel from this is unbelievable, and I think it’s the perfect ending to a soothing massage.


Why is massage important for wellness?
As human beings, we need to feel a nurturing touch.  From the moment we are born, we need a comforting touch to soothe the body and soul.  As we grow up, we tend to stray away from that need and busy ourselves with things we find more important.  When we get on the massage table and experience the healing touch of a therapist, we are able to soak in the many benefits of massage.  The kneading of the muscles releases tension that may be causing a great deal of pain.  It is so important to listen to our bodies, and to take the time to free ourselves from the hustle and chaos we are all sometimes caught up in.


Thank you, Tiffani. You are so appreciated by our team here at Silicon Valley Massage Therapy and by all the clients you have helped experience a truly nurturing touch.


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