Can You Find Yourself in these Massage Profiles?

couple runAll kinds of people seek massage therapy for all kinds of different reasons.  The end result is almost always pain relief and relaxation.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the most likely types of people who seek and benefit from  regular massage. Can you find yourself or someone else you know in this list?

  1. Betty/Billy Back Pain. Back pain comes from joints, muscles, joints in the spine, bones, and nerves around the back. The pain could be in one area or could have a wider spread effect on an individual. A massage helps this client feel and function better compared to friends who don’t receive any massage treatment. Studies show it improves range of motion and decreases discomfort, too.
  2. Anxious Alex/An. Many studies show that massage helps relieve depression and anxiety. Clients seeking massage benefit in two major ways, as a welcomed diversion–a rare time for peace and quiet–and as therapy–both soothing nerves, elevating his mood and making him feel better. But wait, there’s more! Powerful hormones are stimulated and released into your body which can dramatically increase your feeling of happiness and wellbeing.
  3. Rachel/Ronnie Runner. Massage therapy is perfect for people who work out, are physically fit, those who are athletes. Runners finds massage helps them improve motor skills, maintain proper posture and recover  more quickly from vigorous exercise.  Runners feels more healthy, flexible and can move easily and freely through natural movements without pain or discomfort.
  4. Weekend Warrior Wendy/Wei. Work hard, play harder. You take every opportunity to get active on weekends and are sometimes sore, especially late Sunday or Monday mid-day. Massage is practically perfect for recovery from an active weekend, improving flexibility, promoting normal joint function, soothing overused muscles, and easing pressure on tendons and ligaments.
  5. Post Injury Petra/Peter. Sometimes, life tosses us a hurdle. Like a fall, a freak accident, or a serious trauma. Fortunately, massage can play a great role in recovery and your mental state. Massage works very well alongside physical therapy to help maintain range of motion, heal more quickly, even the reduction of scar tissue. Massage also helps your state of mind.
  6. Ajay/Allison A.D.D. Adults who were given a massage in a 1996 TRI study were more alert and completed a series of math questions faster and more accurately. Massage recipients experience a reduced level of stress, lower levels of pain, reduced anxiety, and a feeling of relaxation, peace and quiet. All play a big role in mood and alertness level. Massage therapy helps you be more focused in school and on the job, too.
  7. Toxic Taylor/Tiago. This massage candidate works hard, but has a lousy diet and is always tired. Massage helps rid the body of damaging toxins. Rejuvenation begins when massage increase blood circulation and increases oxygen levels in tissues–kickstarting the metabolic process of waste elimination. There is still work need on diet and exercise, but massage makes a difference in overall feelings of wellness and can improve sleep.
  8. Sore Sebastian/Sara. There’s not a day that goes by where something doesn’t hurt. It may be you beat up your body a little too much in the past few years, or you’re cruising into your golden years and bringing a few decades of overuse with you. Regardless, targeted massage can make a huge difference in how you feel – without popping dozens of pills and suffering unpredictable side-effects.
  9. Crazy couple Pat/Peyton. Somehow you manage to keep smiling, even though you both have crazy schedules and/or are under terrific stress. You rarely have time for yourselves, so when you do, you like to get maximum benefit. A couples massage can be a great way to start or end an “us-time” weekend. You can each let your therapist know if you’re looking for relaxation, or if you have a specific ache or pain. The therapist will design a customized session just for you. Either way, you’ll both come out more calm, and more relaxed, and THAT is the way to keep your sanity and get your heads (and bodies) in a better place.

Whether you fit one of these profiles or not, you will no doubt discover big benefits in your wellness & relaxation with massage. From 8 to 100, there are few people who don’t get at least some benefit from massage therapy. There’s a reason MILLIONS get massage on a month basis. It’s there little secrete for helping cope with life’s aches, pains, and anxieties. Now this secret can be yours, too. Book a massage with a certified massage therapist today!