Massage for Seniors Top Five Benefits

There is a lot for most seniors to celebrate. All those years mean you’ve grown in wisdom and pretty much figured out the world. You have had many life experiences. You have built routines in your daily life that help you stay on top of things. You may have family and friends that delight you. You might get a kick out of pursuing a hobby or interest. Senior life can be very good.

It’s not always a bed of roses, though. There are the not-so-celebratory parts of senior life. Sometimes you get achy or ill, sometimes you get lonely, sometimes you feel like you just need to get away for some well-deserved rest.

The frustrations life brings are pretty much the same no matter what age you are. Stress and strain brought on by working, dealing with day-to-day life, family, responsibilities, and getting adjusted to life as a senior can take its toll on you.

Many seniors have turned to massage to help improve the quality of their lives. It’s completely natural, incredibly effective when delivered by a qualified therapist, and has many benefits for seniors that counteract the frustrations you experience.

Here are five benefits massage offers to seniors.

  1. Improve flexibility and range of motion. A natural course of aging brings with it changes in the stability, integrity and mobility of our joints. Aches and pains from years of use (and abuse) can result in difficulty with even the most basic movements, like walking, sitting and reaching. Massage therapists (don’t call them masseuses or masseurs) can safely manipulate joints in your arms, legs, neck, and hip to help increase and maintain a good range of motion. These techniques, especially if you get a massage frequently, can dramatically increase flexibility and loosen tight joints. Sturdier, more mobile joints also help with balance.
  2. Soothing touch. As we age, we sometimes begin to miss the power of touch. Just the feeling of human contact, in a warm and nurturing way. Massage by a qualified therapists brings with it the good energy and calming feeling of purposeful, therapeutic touch. This can improve your mood, relax your muscles, and help maintain tissue suppleness.
  3. Invigorate muscle tissues. Massage, by definition, is soft tissue manipulation. This results in a healthy flow of blood toward massaged muscles. That inflow of blog invigorates muscle tissues and causes muscles to move more easily, to speed regeneration of damaged muscle tissue, and realigns fibers that may cause adhesions (knots).
  4. Lessen chronic pain. Study after study shows benefits of massage on many types of chronic pain including lower back pain, joint pain, cramping, strains, and stiffness. Seniors who suffer from arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions can get welcome relief.
  5. A quiet mind. After all these years, it’s sometimes difficult to just relax. You have a million things on your mind. You’re thinking about family, your health, maintaining normality in your daily life and much more. A massage session gives you 60 minutes of pure quiet. After just a few minutes under the care of your therapist, your mind will begin to drift away from daily stresses. Soothing music, dim lighting, and a comfortable massage table will all accelerate the relaxation. You can finally allow yourself to just let go. Many people fall asleep on the table (it’s totally ok!) Some day dream. Some just think about nothing at all.  Regardless, this rare time away from the noise of the world is meditative and healing.

Spend a couple minutes on the Internet searching for the benefits of massage and you’ll see a mountain of reasons to try massage. Never had a professional massage? Now’s the time.  You’ll find many reasons to make massage a regular part of your life. Many seniors get massage a couple of times each month. Sometimes massage is even covered under your insurance plan. Most massage clinics (don’t call them parlors!) offer senior rates, too.

Massage is more than a “treat”. It’s a ticket to pain relief and a few precious moments for YOU. Try it, seniors. You’ll love it!