Massage and a Better Life

Evidence suggests that massage and other relaxation therapies can have a substantial impact on the quality of your life. Study after study in patients with everything from breast cancer to arthritis, sports injuries, heart conditions, depression, and learning disorders cite real and positive benefits to receiving regular massage.

In both male and female patients with significant illnesses or traumatic injury, the reduction of stress and relaxation of muscles helps speed recover by reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep quality, and increasing the efficiency of blood flow.

“Massage therapy not only relieves tension and helps you feel relaxed–it actually contributes to a better overall life.” (Synergistic Kinesiology, 8/2012)

Massage can simply make your life better. Sometimes you may feel like life is happening TO you, rather than that you have control of your destiny. Grabbing an hour every couple of weeks is a solid statement that you’re owning your stress and your aches and pains and actually doing something about them.

As with most things that are good for you, massage can help you anytime, whether you’re anxious and need to relax, or down and need a lift. For many people, massage is a part of maintaining wellness and a positive attitude about life. It’s something you can do that takes only the effort of booking and showing up for your session. The qualified therapist does the rest. Any way you look at it, you’re contributing to your own happiness. And that helps you have a better life.