Massage and Office Productivity

Chances are, you are not the queen or king of good posture. Your workstation ergonomics are less than wonderful and you sit for long periods staring at a bright computer monitor. Pile on top of that a boatload of deadlines and office politics and it can all add up to anything from slacking off at work to having an epic meltdown,

We’re only human, and eventually, all that unnatural activity can start to wear on our bodies and minds. You suddenly start to feel aches and pain, have trouble falling asleep, or get headaches, or find it difficult to stay on task. And sometimes, you’re even ready to just chuck it all out the window and move to the beach.

Massage is a smart option

While most of us can’t afford to bail on the world of work, we can afford seek a natural alternative that will help us relax, recover from sitting for too long, and grab a little mental sunshine to brighten the week. That alternative is massage. Studies confirm that regular massage therapy can help retrain muscles, soothe aching wrists, boosts the immune system and calm the mind. After a massage, you’ll feel happy, too. And happy people are more productive.

“Massage makes for a happier workforce and that increase productivity.” BMJ. 1999 11/ 6; 319(7219): 1254–1257.

A study in the British Medical Journal (1999) suggests a significant increase in productivity when workers receive a bi-weekly massage. They found that productivity increased, lower back pain was reduces, stress-related illness declined, morale improved, overall health and wellness increased and the turnover on the staff decreased. In general. a lot of really happy people.

Next steps

Jump on to a local review site or search your local city for a qualified massage therapist and give it a try.  If it’s your FIRST stress-busting massage, try a Friday after work, or a Sunday afternoon.  You’ll see first hand the difference it can make in how you feel about your work, and how well you handle life in general.

Want to share the benefits with co-workers? Thousands of companies, small and large, are promoting wellness through “Massage Mondays” (or “Fab Fridays”) where a team of massage therapists visit your workplace and camp out in conference rooms, and people drop in on a schedule for a 10-20 minute chair massage session. In companies where this is a regular thing, office productivity rises and everyone feels a whole lot better about their work environment (and, incidentally, their management) for thinking of them.