Give Massage for Valentine’s Day

Ahhh…Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate the ones we love and shower them with affection, chocolates, and massage. A relaxing and therapeutic couples or individual massage can be the perfect gift for spouse, partner, or BFF.

An individual massage can typically be customized to the needs of the recipient.  That means the person you reward with a massage can typically choose what type of massage they want during their session. The recipient can also schedule the session based on their own availability.

Couple’s massage takes place in a room large enough for two massage tables, with two trained massage therapists. Typically, you can each talk with your therapist to ensure you get the type of massage you need based on your goals.  Do you just want to relax and de-stress, or do you want work on a specific area of the body, or do you have an ache or pain you’ll like addressed. The choice is yours.

Massage is great for experienced massage-receivers and newbies alike. Many first timers, especially men, discover what many women already know–that therapeutic touch is very relaxing and restorative. Once they experience a massage, they are much more willing to book a massage on their own.

Here are 10 great reasons to purchase an individual or couple’s massage for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Someone else does all the work. The gift is effortless and you get the benefit too!
  2. It’s a very affordable way to spend an hour. Couple’s massage ranges from about $100-$300 depending on whether you choose a spa setting or opt for a more therapeutic session in a small business, or even in your own home.
  3. It’s a personal gift that shows you care about the wellness of the other person.
  4. It’s good for anyone, man or woman.
  5. It can be a memorable bonding experience.  If you choose a couple’s massage, you’ll both leave relaxed having shared a wonderful common experience.
  6. It’s a great surprise. A very thoughtful gift and way more of a surprise than the traditional rose or box of chocolates (although those things PLUS a massage is a home run!)
  7. It works with a gift certificate. Most massage therapy locations offer special rates on massage around Valentine’s Day and you can likely schedule your session anytime within a few weeks of Feb 14.
  8. The relaxing effects of the massage will linger. You’ll feel better and more relaxed. The feelings of relaxation can last for days!
  9. It’s a repeatable gift. If you enjoyed the benefits of the session, you can often rebook for one or both of you at a discount.
  10. You’ve got options. Think it would be awkward getting a massage next to your Valentine? Just ask for separate rooms. Want to add aromatherapy, or a nice foot scrub, talk to the therapist.

So if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box idea for Valentine’s Day, consider gifting an individual or couple’s massage from a professional massage therapist. The wellness benefits are many, and you’ll impress the other person with your concern for their wellbeing. Try it, you’ll LOVE it.