Teen Sports and Massage Therapy

Every athlete is on the lookout for an edge that helps them train more effectively, perform better and recover from injuries more quickly.  For teens, whose bodies are still growing, muscles are more vulnerable to physical stressors, and because the muscles are getting longer, sometimes there are naturally occurring “growing pains”.

In any competitive or recreational sport, the risk of injury is high, and the risk of acquiring a long term injury is very real  Teen sports are no exception. School injury prevention programs are typically limited to padding and equipment, and maybe a few stretches.  For an active, growing teen, this really isn’t enough.

Stress is also a significant factor in growing teens, just like it is for adults.  Whether it’s school, the pressure to excel, family issues, or relationships, stress can be a real and harmful emotional drain.

Massage therapy can help minimize both physical and emotional symptoms created by teen sports, and life in general. Massage therapy helps with physical discomfort by reducing muscle tension, targeting problem areas, and promoting increased range of motion and flexibility. Other results include decreased scar tissue formation, decreased muscle restriction, fewer trigger points, and increased athletic performance. Even if your teen isn’t engaged in organized sports, poor posture, injuries, and even carrying around a heavy backpack can put extra strain on their bodies.

Massage therapy is ideal for helping ease the symptoms of environmental and emotional stress too.  An hour on the table can help increase focus, ease stress and help teens feel calm and centered as they go back out into a hectic world.

Teen (pediatric) massage sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour and require a parent or guardian to sign a release and you are welcome to sit in on the session and observe.  After the session, the therapist will recommend home care, including stretches and exercises to help ease pain and tension between appointments.

You’ll find student athletes who get regular (monthly) massage will be more confident, be better able to cope with stress, be more focused, and experience fewer aches and pains.  It works for pro athletes, it’ll work for active teens, too!