Massage for Migraine Headaches

Anecdotal evidence and several studies have shown that a massage can help reduce or eliminate the pain associated with a migraine headaches.

Millions of people, mostly women, suffer from migraine headaches.  Sometimes they are sharp and quick, other times they can last for hours or days. Sufferers are always on the lookout for relief that doesn’t make things worse or have side effects, and that’s why massage therapy is such an attractive option.

Massage therapy is often effective when used instead of, or as a complement to, traditional medical migraine treatments. While drug treatments are available to treat migraines, many people, including those with cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled diabetes or pregnancy, cannot take those drugs. For those people, or anyone who would like a more natural way to manage migraines, massage therapy is an excellent option.

Tense muscles and stress can aggravate migraine headaches. Visiting a massage therapist for a soothing massage while a migraine is in progress can reduce muscle pain and tension. While a single session may not eliminate your headache, it can diminish the intensity and help you to relax. Migraine-focused massages typically focus on the neck, shoulders and upper back, but may include full body relaxation and/or trigger point therapy as well.

If you have frequent migraines, massage can also be used as a preventative measure. Muscle tension and stress are often triggers for migraines, so anything that reduces stress and promotes relaxation can reduce the frequency of migraines. You and your therapist can create a regular program to follow. A typical program will last from 4 to 6 weeks, and positive effects can be felt both immediately and after the program is finished.

Typically, your first session is 60 minutes and as you progress, your therapist may recommend other therapies and services available on site. Got migraines? See a therapist today!