You Might Be a Great Massage Therapist If…

questionguyEver wonder if you have what it takes to become a massage therapist? People are called to this career at different times in their lives.  Some when they’re young, others when they are ready for a midlife career change. Whatever the reason, becoming a massage therapist can be one of the most rewarding (emotionally and financially) decisions you’ll ever make.

Massage therapy is a $20 billion industry. US consumers visit massage therapists more than 230 million times a year. Growth in the profession is off the charts. Not everyone is cut out for massage therapy, though, but YOU might be!

Here are just few qualities shared by successful massage therapists.  If two or more than describe you, you should find out more!

You like to help people. This is quality #1. The profession is all about making a positive difference in the body, mind and spirit of your clients.  If you are someone who is giving and caring, or someone who wants to learn to be more giving and caring than you already are, this profession will be a great fit. If this quality isn’t in your personality, you should probably move on to another profession.

You like to have an option to work anywhere, anytime. Your main tools are your knowledge of massage therapy and your hands.  Those two things are with you always. With proper certification you can work ANYWHERE. In most cases, you can also have a lot of control over when you work–much more so than a standard 9-5 worker.

You like to make choices about your work environment. Massage therapists, like other professionals, have lots of work options.  You can work for a massage therapy chain, a spa, start your own business,work with other healthcare professionals like chiropractors or physical therapists, work with a sports team, even work on a cruise ship. The options are many.

You can’t stand working in an office cubicle. There is nothing boring about massage therapy.  Every client is different.  You can choose to work with sports professionals, pregnant women, ADHD kids, older clients, cancer patients, stressed out moms and dads and more. Every place you conduct a session is different. You might just find yourself in a calm massage studio, a client’s home, or the middle of a redwood forest working a half-marathon trail race. Your work hours, and your work location, can be flexible and you will not have to stare at a computer screen all day.

You want a career in high demand. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of massage therapists is expected to grow 23% from 2012-2022.  That’s MUCH faster than the average for all occupations.  This continued growth will ensure you’ll have a job waiting when you graduate.

You like the idea of becoming a licensed professional. Most states require massage therapists to be licensed and that license carries all the benefits of being viewed as a highly qualified pro. To become a licensed massage therapist, you complete a certification or degree program at a massage therapy school, and obtain a baseline number of hours of practice.  Depending on the level of education you want or need, programs can be completed in about a year.

You have been told by others that you have an “intuitive” or “healing” touch. This one’s a good indicator for a good fit for the profession.  If you’re the one that frequently gives comfort and pain relief through “back rubs” or just a have caring presence that you’ve seen helps others, massage therapy can give you a growing set of physical, emotional and spiritual tools you can use to increase the power and effectiveness of that touch.

So what do you think? Do some research, find a great school, and we’ll welcome you later into the ranks of a fast-growing, wonderful profession! You will enjoy work you love, and you’ll be a bright spot in the life of your clients. Nice, huh?