The Truth About Adult Acne

Adult acne affects 1 in 4 men and about half of all women some time in their adult lives.  About 1/3 of those with facial acne also experience acne on their back and body. Adult acne can cause depression and social anxiety in adults the same way it can a teen.

Most men experience adult acne because they had adolescent acne and it comes back now and then.  Women can experience acne that’s stuck around from their adolescence too, but, unlike men, they can experience adult onset acne–new flare-ups–in their adult life.

In addition to genetics, adult acne can also be the result of some kind of prolonged irritation of the skin or the use of a comedogenic (pore-clogging) product.

Adult acne also can appear almost anywhere.  Instead of creeping to the surface in the oily “T-zone” area of your face like it did in high school, pimples can appear on the chin, sides of your jaw, or your back and shoulders.

The best advice for dealing with adult acne is to wash your face every night and double-check your hair products and face cleaners to make sure they don’t contain pore-clogging ingredients.

If you are not getting the results you want, schedule an appointment here at SVMTG with one of our experienced estheticians (skin care specialists) and you’ll learn a lot and most-likely see a big improvement in your skin. An esthetician is a state board certified expert who has completed more than 500 hours of training.  They’re trained to work with facials, skin analysis, extractions (dealing with pimples), aromatherapy and a host of other techniques. While the products available to estheticians don’t require a prescription, they are stronger than you can purchase in a drugstore on your own.