Perform a Mental Reset with Massage

resetyourdayMost modern day computers and mobile devices have a limit.  You’ll know when you’ve hit it when things start running slowly, battery life drains fast, things just don’t work the way they should.  You try everything, then pick up the phone and call for tech support–they always recommend a restart.

A  mental restart sets things back to normal.  It clears extra memory baggage and dismisses extraneous code that causes things to bog down.  It returns important settings that balance your machine to default status. POOF! The restarted device seems to have a new lease on life.  It just works better.

For many people, a massage session does the same thing–only your brain is the  operating system that’s reset.  Massage helps you tune out, beginning with the time you’re in our massage center, extra noise and stress from work, relationships, long commute times. The muscle kneading and tissue work coaxes muscles, bones and their joints back to their default position.  The session stimulates hormone production and adds a sense of calm and control to your life. The effects can last for weeks.

Many computer manufacturers recommend restarting a device once a week.  Once every one or two weeks is a good session schedule for an ongoing “mental reset” from massage as well. Take the time to pay some attention to maintain homeostasis in your own body “operating systems” and book a massage session today!