Why You Should Consider a Once-a-Month Facial

girlfacialMany people pay more attention to cleaning their car than cleaning their face.  They wait until the encounter itchy skin, dark spots or breakouts before they seek help.  Then they usually make it worse by not consulting a professional and heading the to drug store for the solution.

A good professional facial is both a treatment and a pre-emptive strike against future skin issues. Getting a facial treatment once a month, or perhaps more if you have an acne breakout, will make a significant, visible difference in what you see in the mirror – and what other people see when they look at you.  Like any other thing you focus on in life, you will get results and you can keep those results by focusing on skincare on a regular schedule.

Here’s a quick list of other benefits:

• A facial will help smooth fine lines and promote collagen production (reduce wrinkles)• A facial cleanses pores at a deeper level than you can do at home.

• A facial provides exfoliation to allow for your skin to even it’s tone and keep hydrated.

• A facial is an opportunity for you to review the products you might currently use with a skilled professional who will offer advice on the best treatment regimen for you.

Finally, a facial generally feels good, will relax you, and leave your skin happy, too. At SVMTG, we offer your choice of a deep-cleansing facial – for general skin care, or a targeted acne treatment facial that includes extractions and a full assessment of your skin condition along with recommendations and education.  Give us a call and schedule your first visit today!