The Power of a Positive Attitude

somepeopleWhat if you could change one thing about yourself that was proven, time and time again, to have a significant positive impact on your business success, that helped build healthier and long lasting relationships, that improved the quality of your social life, and that had a measurable effect on your health and wellness–and it was FREE–would you do it? Introducing the solution everybody’s capable of, a positive attitude.

Having a positive attitude isn’t about being overly optimistic or super-happy all the time, it’s more about perspective.  It’s looking at the things, people, feelings, and environment in your life and changing the way you think about those things.  It means changing your focus from “I wish” to “I can”.  It’s addressing negativity, defeatism, and hopelessness with a perspective that redirects your thoughts toward solutions and positive change.

There’s a pretty good body of evidence that positive mental attitude works.  From early work by psychologist Carl Rogers to motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, to sports figures like Steve Prefontaine and Tom Dempsey, the results of positive mental attitude can manifest itself is many different ways.

Your attitude effects learning and work, too. The more competent you feel, the more you can stick with a difficult task, or the more likely you are to find a new way to look at things or try something new.  A positive attitude about who you are translates to a positive self-esteem. A “can-do” attitude about work or school can translate into better performance all around.

From a health perspective, many studies suggest people with a more positive attitude have a significantly higher chance of survival and recovery from serious illness.  If you’ve ever known anyone with cancer or someone who’s suffered some trauma that has overturned their lives, you may have seen the power of attitude in setting the tone for how others interact, and improvements in the quality of their lives and the lives of people around them.

So where do you begin?  Choose one aspect of your life–a relationship, your physical health, your work, your school, your hobby–and stop thinking negatively.  Make it a point that when you think about the activity, you force yourself to see the GOOD along with the bad in each situation.  You don’t ignore the bad, you think of good ways to cope with those things.

Some people help themselves focus on those changes through yoga, meditation, affirmations, or just thoughtfulness.  Some turn to increased physical activity, like running or join a gym.  Or a focused hobby, like puzzle solving. Or working on a specific relationship.  All these activities are set up for real, measurable improvement, which helps you see progress as your positive attitude toward the people and things around you make things better.  Make YOU better.

Lots of people interested in starting their journey toward a more positive attitude also seek the relaxation and grounding of massage. Massage sessions can provide valuable “disconnect” time where you can center you thoughts while doing something wonderful for you body, mind and spirits. We have quite a few clients who come to us twice a month for therapeutic massage (massage that targets a specific “ouch” or tension) and reap the additional benefits of relaxation and stress reduction that comes with these sessions.  All this helps them feel better about their world–and helps cultivate a more positive mental attitude. We know you’re capable of making your attitude more positive.  Try it, you’ll like it.