Seeking Balance

BalanceDiagramBalance. It’s being able to stand steadily on one foot or walk without stumbling – or it’s the leveling of activity between your work life and home life. Regardless of how you think of balance, most of us, at some time in our life are out of balance.

You’ve let circumstances and choices drive you to accept increased responsibility at work, for example, at the expense of family time. Or you’ve over-committed to activities that take you away from paying attention to our own self-care. Being out of balance causes stress that can affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. Over time this can have serious and mostly negative consequences on your health, your relationships and your work life.

The best way to correct things when you’re out of balance is to take a few minutes and think about your personal balance equation. Is there anything you can, or are willing to do, to get things back in check? Are there ways that you can achieve better balance over time with a plan?

If you come up with what seems to be an unchangeable balance equation, a life balance that you’ll need to accept for a while, then the focus can turn toward dampening the effects of that lack of balance–namely the stress the imbalance causes. That’s where massage can help.

Regular massage helps reduce stress, calms the mind, and gives you a precious time to realign and rebalance your emotional and physical self. Thousands of people consider massage an essential ingredient in maintaining balance.  Many get massage weekly.  The session gives you rare and precious time to center, to get relief from muscle aches and pains, and to re-center and re-balance.

The effects of the massage can be long lasting, and with regular massage appointments, you will notice a difference. Visit our website and book an appointment today!