10 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.  See how many of these YOU can do!

1. Learn something new. Teach yourself some new recipes. Learn to play poker. Try your hand at Portuguese.  Why not?  Stimulate your brain and you will be happier.

2. Talk to someone.  Not texting. Not email. Not a note on the table. Brew up some tea or hang out at Starbucks and really TALK to someone about anything–not just serious stuff.

3. Eat better. OK.  You know this one.  Better nutrition leads to feeling better and that leads to a higher quality of life.

4. Think positively. Catch yourself when you start to look on the dull side of life or when you become a “negative nelly.”  Be positive.  It works.

5. Go outside. We live in a world of walls, of office cubicles, or windows-up cars. Sometimes just being OUTSIDE makes a big difference.  Plan some time every day to just get outside and breathe.

6. Be thoughtful and/or meditate every day.  Our lives are so crazy that we rarely take even a minute just to stop and THINK. Some people focus on thinking through yoga or meditation.  Are those people happier than you are? Probably.

7. Move.  Yeah, yeah.  Get some exercise.  Go for a walk. Ride a bike, hit the gym.  Make it a habit – even if it’s only a couple times a week.  It can make a big difference in how you feel and how you look.

8. Know what makes you happy.  Puppies? Chocolate? Your children? A hot bath? Know what brings you joy and pay more attention to that for a while.

9. Smile. If you don’t smile at least once a day, you’re missing out on a joy in life.  Whether it’s a casual smile at a co-worker who says or does something funny, or smiling to yourself when you watch that crazy kitty-drive-a-car video again.  Smiling is good for you. It’s contagious. And it definitely brings good things to life.

We smile a lot. It keeps the energy positive and keeps us focused on the goodness of massage.  SVMTG Staff

 10. Get a regular massage.  We’re not just saying this because we’re professional massage therapists.  Massage makes you physically and mentally feel better.  Your overall quality of life will improve.  Treat yourself to a massage every two weeks for a month.  You will feel better.  Seriously!