Your Massage May Be Covered

health-insuranceMost physical-therapy and chiropractic treatments are reimbursed by health insurance, while more than 90% of massage therapy sessions are paid out of the client’s pocket.  Turns out that some clients are missing an opporutnity.  Medical massage therapy, in many cases, is covered by health insurance when prescribed by a physician, registered physical therapists, chiropractor or osteopath. If you’ve been in a car accident, insurance can cover 85-100% of therapy.

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now in effect, your massage may be covered under your current insurance plan.

Like any medical service, coverage will vary by state and different insurance plans cover different massage treatments. Many plans limit the amount they will pay or the number of visits covered.

Some employers offer special riders for alternative therapies. These riders often allow for treatment through a network that provides discounts for massage therapy and other alternative treatments.

Medicare does not cover massage therapy unless it is medically necessary and part of a physical therapy regimen. The Veterans Administration does not cover massage therapy. Some massage is covered under Workers Compensation.

Many people pay for their massage with a flexible spending accounts (FSA) offered by employers, or through health savings accounts established by persons with high-deductible plans.

Most healthcare professionals today recognize the value of massage and won’t hesitate to prescribe it.  Don’t be afraid to ask them.

So, are YOU covered?  If you’ve got a prescription for massage ,we’ll be happy to call your insurance company for you and find out what it covers. Most co-pays range from $25-$50.  Your Health Savings Account (HS) likely covers it too. Ask us during your next visit.