Five Massage Therapy Snapshots: Is This You?

runnerMassage therapy is one of the best investments you can make for your personal well-being. All kinds of people seek massage therapy for all kinds of different reasons.  The end result is almost always pain relief and relaxation.


Here’s a snapshot of some of the client types who already benefit from regular massage.

  1. Betty Back Pain. Back pain comes from joints, muscles, joints in the spine, bones, and nerves around the back. The pain could be in one area or could have a wider spread effect on an individual. A massage helps Betty feel and function better compared to her friends who don’t receive any massage treatment. Studies show it improves her range of motion and decreases discomfort, too.
  2. Anxious Alex. Many studies show that massage helps relieve depression and anxiety. Alex finds it works two ways, as a welcomed diversion–a rare time for peace and quiet–and as therapy–both soothing nerves, elevating his mood and making him feel better.
  3. Rachel Runner. Massage therapy is perfect for people who work out, are physically fit, those who are athletes. Rachel finds massage helps her improve motor skills and maintain proper posture.  She feels more healthy, flexible and can move easily and freely through natural movements without pain or discomfort. She also uses massage to recover from her weekend running events. Massage therapy helps with conditions of inflexibility and promote normal joint function.
  4. Allison A.D.D. Adults who were given a massage in a 1996 TRI study were more alert and completed a series of math questions faster and more accurately. Allison finds massage helps her feel a reduced level of stress, lower levels of pain, reduced anxiety, and a feeling of relaxation, peace and quiet–all play a big role in her mood and alertness level. Massage therapy helps her be more focused in school and on the job, too.
  5. Toxic Taylor. Taylor works hard, but has a lousy diet and is always tired. Massage helps Taylor rid his body of damaging toxins. Rejuvenation begins when massage increase blood circulation and increases oxygen levels in tissues–kickstarting the metabolic process of waste elimination. He still needs to work on his diet and exercise more, but massage makes him feel much better and he sleeps better, too.

Whether you fit one of these profiles or not, you will no doubt discover big benefits in your wellness & relaxation with massage.