Are You in Control?

backyourselfThe cold season is almost over and you made it through. Lots of energy goes into holiday and cold weather preparation and the actual festivities and plans flash by.  Feeling restless, frustrated, disenchanted, tired and stressed is common after the holiday rush and a wintertime indoors subsides. Many of us break our daily routines, including diet and exercise, during the season and then feel a little “off” by the time Spring comes around.

It turns out nobody is more in control  of your renewal, rebirth and recovery than YOU are and the new year can be a great time to contemplate and resolve to get in touch with yourself again and reach out to seek your passions, your purpose, your dreams, work on your relationships, and think about your wellness.

Here are a few things you can do to help rebalance and regain control after the “cold and hectic times” subside:

  • Go out of your way to connect with people who are important to you.  Choose 1 or 2 and have coffee or lunch. Make it a point to let them know the importance of your relationship with them.
  • Count your blessings (no, really, count them!)
  • Review the year.  How have you grown? What have you learned? How will you allow more time for play, laughter and fun?
  • Give some good thought to your physical wellness.  It’s a great time to change diet, start a (realistic) exercise plan, set new goals for health.

One reason so many people get regular massage is the precious gift, to yourself, of an hour of reflection time. No worries. No interference. Just you, in a comfortable, safe place, with a skilled therapist whose only purpose is to make sure your session goals are met or exceeded. You will leave refreshed and renewed. What a great way to start the year, right?

We care about your wellness. Make an appointment and let us show you.